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two alleged bandits beaten to death.

The two young people in their twenties whose bodies were immediately transported to the mortuary by the municipal road services were severely beaten by a furious crowd.

In the Nkolbisson neighborhood in the 7th arrondissement of Yaoundé, the tragedy is still perceptible in the people’s mouths. Not a single step goes by without hearing the young people of this neighborhood recount what they experienced between yesterday night and this morning. Yesterday night, a motorcycle taxi driver was stabbed to death by two young people who snatched his vehicle. The location of the scene has not been revealed. What we know is that the young man was killed while he was going out to drop off a customer and that the other motorcycle drivers said that they had the perpetrators of this heinous crime under control. This morning while everyone went about their business, the two young people presented as those who snatched the motorcycle and stabbed the motorcycle driver to death were seen. It was then that the alert was raised, motorcycle drivers and people rushed on these two young people and beat them to death. Cases of mob justice are frequent in Cameroon. Last August, a tragic incident occurred in the Brazzaville neighborhood, located on the outskirts of Douala, a grandmother was the victim of a violent attack perpetrated by three individuals. On her way to the market, she was accosted, robbed and stabbed by these criminals. The angry crowd managed to catch up with one of the bandits as they tried to escape. In a rage, the offender violently hit the thief with sticks, stones and other objects, causing his death on the spot.
Cameroonians seem to have lost all confidence in their justice and security forces undermined by corruption. The list of men who lost their lives or property following a rumor that led to popular justice is now long.

Sandrine N

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