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Education is a basic right, and making it available to everyone is a responsibility we all share. It’s like a tool that can help us tackle many of the world’s problems, such as poverty and inequality. Every year, we celebrate the International Day of Education on January 24 to remind us why education is so important.
Back in 2018, the United Nations decided that January 24 would be the International Day of Education. This decision was made by 59 countries who wanted to highlight the importance of education. Since then, every January 24 has been a day to recognize and celebrate the significance of education worldwide.

This year, the focus is on « Learning for lasting peace. » The idea is that education can transform us, giving us the knowledge and skills to be peacemakers in our communities. The United Nations tells us that education is like a powerful tool that can help us deal with big issues like climate change, inequality, discrimination, and conflicts. The theme emphasizes how education lays the foundation for more peaceful, fair, and sustainable societies.

Quoting the United Nations, « Learning for peace must be a transformative process, enabling learners to gain essential knowledge, values, attitudes, skills, and behaviors, thereby empowering them to serve as catalysts for peace in their communities. »
The theme ‘learning for lasting peace’ is chosen because the world is facing more conflicts, discrimination, and hate speech. UNESCO, an organization that focuses on education, wants us to understand that education is crucial in making a commitment to peace. This year’s celebrations aim to highlight how education and teachers can help counter hate speech.

Quoting Audrey Azoulay, UNESCO Director-General, « The accelerated spread of hate speech is a threat to all communities. Our best defense is education, which must be at the heart of any peace efforts. »

On January 24, UNESCO is organizing online training for thousands of teachers worldwide. The training will focus on understanding and dealing with hate speech. UNESCO wants to give teachers the tools they need to recognize, address, and prevent hate speech incidents. The goal is to empower teachers to create inclusive, democratic, and respectful communities.

The International Day of Education is a reminder of how important education is in creating a better and more peaceful world. The 2024 theme emphasizes the urgent need for all of us to commit to learning for lasting peace, with education and teachers playing a key role in countering hate speech.

Sandrine N

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